Sakshamapp International Pvt. Ltd. give their clients top priority and understand the importance of good relationship.

Sometime customer change the mind and can ask for the refund. Well we do offer 90 Days refund of unused credit.

Here I used word unused credit what is mean well this depends on service to service for example you buy shared hosting for 1 year at the rate of 500 INR per month and you paid 6000 INR for a year and after 2 month you asked for refund we will refund 5000 INR as the used credit was only 1000 INR
[500 per month ].

In Business Website Design we will split the project into 3 phases and once we complete phase 1 we will show you and if don’t like you can ask for full refund and in case you approve we will start working on phase 2 and if don’t like we will keep 30% payment and refund rest as phase 1 was completed and approved and in the same manner once phase 2 complete and approved by you we will start working on phase 3 and in case you want to cancel you can cancel but we will take 60% payment as phase 1 and phase 2 was done. Once phase 3 completed and approved then we will not refund any payment.

In order to get refund you need to submit a request ticket and we will audit and calculate the used credit and refund the remaining balance to the source of the payment.

For some cases like Domain registration the refund don’t apply as these can not be cancelled.