Sakshamapp Email system

Run At Lightning Speed

Email Marketing

You can send advertisements, offers, product promotions, or any other type of content to your customers

Transactional Email

Transnational Emails such as order confirmations, order updates, password resets, and other messages.

Subscriptions Management

Using our system you can send newsletters, announcements, and other contents to all of your subscribers.

Sakshamapp Email system

Email System for startups and enterprises

Sakshamapp Email system

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need


  • $70.00
  • Send Upto 100 000 Emails


  • $120.00
  • Send Upto 200 000 Emails


  • $230.00
  • Send Upto 500 000 Emails


  • $350.00
  • Send Upto 1000 000 Emails